Protective Disposable Coverall designed to protect against particles, fibres and light spray. Lightweight and breathable fabric to aid the body in maintaining thermal comfort and help improve worker performance and productivity. 

  • Ideal solution when comfort and breathability is a must for particle protection
  • Certified as Complex Design (category 3) equipment offering protection to the levels specified for Type 5 & 6 by CEN
  • Light, breathable SMS fabric helping reduce the risk of heat stress
  • Outer abrasion-resistant layer for durability especially when crawling or rubbing against objects like walls etc.
  • Triple stitched internal seams to help resist general wear and tear and fabric strain
  • Ergonomically designed body, hood and waist for comfort
  • Silicone-free & anti-static coated for when working in critical areas like painting or sensitive surfaces

Area of use:
Cleaning & Maintenance, handling powders, contract cleaning, handling low risk chemicals

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