Active Constituents: 880 g/kg Terabacil, 40 g/kg Sulfometuron Methyl

Trimac Industrial Herbicide

Every Town is faced with the endless management of weeds. When not managed correctly weeds are unsightly and spread rapidly.

Until now glyphosate has been used extensively to control problem weeds. However using glyphosate alone means repeated applications every time weeds germinate. One application of glyphosate only serves to control the weeds that are
present at the time of spraying.

Now Macspred have developed Trimac Herbicide to provide longer term weed control with just one application.

This means less labour, less chemical spraying and a tidier town.

Trimac is a knockdown and residual herbicide working in the soil to prevent weeds germinating. For best long term results when spraying established weeds Trimac should be mixed with Glyphosate to provide good initial knockdown of established weeds and then control weed germination over extended periods.

How does Trimac work?

Trimac moves into the soil with rainfall or soil moisture and is taken up by the roots of plants and germinating seedlings. Once taken up by the plant it acts in two ways. The first causes the
plant cell division to stop. The second inhibits photosynthesis.

Low application rate
Trimac is applied at the low rate of 100gm per 100 litres and this means less risk in handling and reduced amounts of chemical in the environment.

Trimac and the environment

Trimac does not bioaccumulate in the soil and because all of the ingredients act only on enzymes occurring in plants, there is little likelihood of any adverse effects on wildlife.
Trimac is rated as being practically non toxic to birds, honey bees and mammals.

Pre measured soluble packs

Trimac is packaged in 100g water soluble bags. One pack of Pre measured water soluble packaging means reduced handling and provides insurance against incorrect application rates.

Using Trimac in your town

Trimac can be used around guideposts, roadside furniture, substations,aerodromes and other public utilities.

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