Code: SYN/5

Active Constituent: 832g/L Emulsifiable Vegetable Oil

Synertrol Horti Oil is a blend of Australian essential botanical oils and canola oil. This provides Synertrol Horti Oil with a unique ability to increase the effectivenss of most Insecticides and Fungicides via the innate properties of the botanical oils present in the product. Synertrol Horti Oil also helps to minimise spray drift, spray odours, and run-off, while at the same time increasing the contact coverage and uptake of the chemical by the spray target.

For addition to most horticultural pesticides, herbicides, and foliar nutrients.

When used as directed, Synertrol Horti Oil:

  • Increases the wetting and penetration of foliar-applied pesticides and fertilisers
  • Makes sprays more rainfast and reduces leaching of soil-applied chemicals
  • Reduces spray drift by minimising the mist caused by shattering of spray droplets
  • Allows chemical application when plants are wet with dew if used with ULV applications
  • Helps protect unstable or volatile products from sunlight breakdown and slows spray evaporation
  • Reduces spray water volumes by increasing chemical spreading on the spray target surfaces
  • Acts as a spray deoderiser, reducing chemical odours
  • No additional wetting agents or surfactants are required when using Synertrol Horti Oil.
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