Code: SIM/DF/900/15

Active Constituent: 900g/kg Simazine

Macspred Simazine 900 DF Herbicide

Registered for the control of weeds in a range of horticultural and broad acre crops, forestry and in non-crop situations as indicated on the label.

Simazine 900 DF is an easy to handle, measure and mix, water dispersible granular herbicide that controls an extensive range of grass and broadleaf weeds in many situations. Simazine 900 DF is a pre-emergent herbicide which enters weeds mainly through the roots. It should be applied to bare, moist soil. Simazine 900 DF controls broadleaf weeds in asparagus, chickpeas, berry fruits, citrus, almonds, gladioli, hops, pome fruits, roses, forestry, vineyards and lupins. Also provides control of weeds in non crop areas, when applied at higher rates.


  • Provides long residual control when applied in non-crop situations at higher rates.
  • Highly concentrated dispersible granule formulation.
  • May be applied post planting in Eucalyptus and Pinus plantations.
  • Treat more area per pack compared to liquid alternatives.
  • Compatible with Macspred Glymac Dri 700 (glyphosate) for one-pass control of emerged weeds.
  • Easier to handle and mix than liquid alternatives.
  • Controls a wide range of weeds.
  • No DrumMuster levy.

Mode of Action

Simazine 900 DF is a member of the Triazine group of herbicides and has the photosynthesis inhibitor mode of action. For weed resistance management, it is a Group C Herbicide.

General Instructions

Simazine 900 DF is a pre-emergent herbicide which selectively kills plants and seedlings by absorption through the root system. For best results apply to bare, moist soil. If vegetation is present at spraying then Macspred Glymac Dri 700 (glyphosate) knockdown herbicide should be added.
Simazine 900 DF is very insoluble in water and so usually remains in the top 5 cm of the soil. It is inactivated by absorption onto charcoal or other carbonaceous materials, muck solid or soils high in organic matter - higher rates are therefore required in these types of soil.
Araucaria, Corymbia, Eucalyptus and Pinus plantations: Field trials and use experience has indicated that the following species are tolerant. Test tolerance before treating other species. Araucaria - all commercial species, Corymbia - maculata. Eucalyptus - agglomerata, calophylla, camaldulensis, cladocalyx, cloeziana. dunnii, globulus, grandis, laevopinea, nitens, pilularis, pseudoglobulus, regnans, rudis, saligna, wandoo. Pinus - caribaea and hybrids, elliottii, pinaster, radiata.

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