At last a product that can safely and effectively control peri-domestic, container breeding, mosquitoes. NOMOZ® Mosquito Larvicide Pellets are now available to you, the homeowner. Used as directed NOMOZ® gives between 1 and 6 months control of backyard mosquitoes in breeding sites such as ponds, bird-baths, pot plant bases, water-holding depressions, and in ornamental plants such as Bromeliads. Many peri-domestic breeding mosquitoes are vectors of a number of human viruses and dog heartworm. Controlling these mosquitoes can reduce your families' risk to exposure to the likes of Dengue fever, Ross River Virus, and Barmah Forrest Virus. NOMOZ® comes in resealable 15 gram packets or in a counter-top display box that holds 12 X 15 gram packets. Each packet holds approximately 80 pellets and would control container-breeding mosquitoes around an average suburban home for up to 12 months. Help fight the mosquito with NOMOZ®, putting professional punch into the hands of homeowners.
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