Code: TF95HD

Whether stationary in closed spaces or mounted on vehicles for outdoor applications, the TF 95 HD is a high-performance fog generator for every demand. 50 HP real power, enable output quantities up to 100 l/h (oil) and effective penetration of the fog in closed spaces. Even pure water can be applied at an output of 40 l/h.

Available in a variety of models
All models feature a 60L solution tank made of stainless steel
Special acid resistant execution for the application of aggressive disinfectants available

Technical Specifications

Dimension in cm (LxWx H): 198 x 62 x 58
Weight, empty in kg: 39.5
Solution tank capacity in litres: 60
Fuel tank capacity in litres: 5.5

Performance combustion chamber in KW/HP: 36.8 / 50
Fuel consumtion L/h approx.: 4
Average flow rate in L/h (oil based): 60
Max. flow rate in L/h (oil based): 100
Flow rate with water in L/h: 40
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water and carrier: 60
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water: 35
Pressure in solution tank in bar approx.: 0.3

Energy supply
4x 1.5V Monocells
12 V DC car battery (valid for TF F95 HD)


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