Code: STORM/8

Active Constituent: 0.05 g/kg Flocoumafen

Storm® is a ready to use rodenticide for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings. It active ingredient flocoumafen, delivers a lethal dose in a single feed for the best possible control.

Storm is a second generation anticoagulant rodenticide. Only a very small amount is needed to kill a rat or mouse, and a lethal dose can be eaten in a single feed. Rodents then die three to five days after taking the bait. With some other rodenticides, rodents die more than a week after taking the bait.

Storm® is a highly palatable and durable bait block that is quick and easy to use. A central hole allows each block to be anchored securely in baiting points for the best targeting and to prevent removal.

The potency of Storm®, when used in the pulse baiting technique, means that while baits are placed in as many points as possible, less bait is required to achieve control. This results in Storm® being more economical than other rodenticides.

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