Code: TX/10

TermX - A Simple System That Simply Works

The TermX Replenishment System was developed as a convenient, safe, effective, and environmentally friendly method of delivering termiticides to the full under-slab of new buildings, or as a perimeter barrier on existing buildings, providing maximum protection against subterranean termite attacks. TermX is a flexible PVC chemical hose for medium to high pressure applications. It is specially manufactured with a chemical resistant inner core. The smooth outer cover allows easy installation around the toughest surfaces. Patented fibre matting provides structural integrity between the inner and outer layers of pipe. The hose is clearly marked with "TermX" to make identification easy by other trades.

The simple components that make up the TermX 10m kit are:

  • 10m Hose
  • Stop End
  • Clamp
  • Filler End
  • Cap Coupler    
  • Junction Box


How TermX Works:

The TermX Replenishment System has been designed to suit the harshest conditions and termite pressure. It has been extensively tested to offer long-term termite management and prevention.The TermX Replenishment System is a specially designed pipe system that, once buried under ground either around the perimeter of a structure, or under a slab prior to construction, is used to apply termiticide chemical under pressure to saturate the soil medium surrounding that structure. This creates an impenetrable barrier (if repellent termiticides are used) or a death-trap for unsuspecting foraging termites (in the case of non-repellent termiticide chemicals) that move through treated soil. TermX is a specially engineered system designed to deliver chemical termite treatments as a preventative measure for these pests. Once installed the system allows for quick application of a treatment to protect your clients most valued assets.

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