Code: TAL/1

Active Constituent: 0.05g/kg Brodifacoum

Proven, resistance-breaking rodent control

Talon® Pellets use the power of brodifacoum, in a highly palatable formulation with outstanding acceptance and effective control with a single feeding. They are suited to use in both urban and rural situations and are ideal for use by the food industry and in most domestic, public and commercial premises. Talon® Pellets are best laid in bait trays and bait boxes in dry situations and environmentally-stable conditions.


Key Features

  • Contains brodifacoum, which is effective against both resistant rats and mice
  • Single-feeding kill
  • Cereal-based medium-sized pellets (4.7 mm diameter)
  • Highly attractive to rodents
  • Active ingredient evenly distributed throughout the pellets
  • Suited to urban and rural use


Key Benefits

  • Resistance breaker: proven control of resistant rodents
  • Reliable: only a single feed is required to kill all rats and mice
  • Single feeding reduces exposure, labour and cost
  • High-quality cereal base, one of the highest acceptance rates among rodenticides
  • Allows multiple baiting points
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