Active Constituent: 10g/kg Clothianidin.

Maxforce Activ is the latest gel, in the line of 'new generation' cockroach control products by Bayer.  Bayer has created this product from the ground up, gel placements even look different!

Trials suggest that gel placements remain palatable for at least 12 months.  Incorporating the patented blue bead feeding stimulant technology to ensure Total Life Cycle control (TLC).

This unique feeding stimulant has been proven in our premium product Maxforce Fusion to dramatically decrease the percentage of nymphs in the population.  The reduction is due to an increased direct consumption of bait by nymphs, resulting in a long term inability for populations to recover.


  • Apply Maxforce Activ for service and maintenance applications, including where nymphs are present.
  • Maxforce Activ is smooth flowing (easy spot size management).
  • A cockroach management program including the use of non-pyrethroid sprays (e.g. Ficam® W) residual sprays (e.g. Temprid® 75) and insect growth regulators (e.g. Starycide®) should result in the most effective cockroach management.
  • Bayer recommends the rotation of its gel baits: Maxforce Fusion and Maxforce Gold to prevent bait matrix aversion and chemical resistance.

Best practice guidelines:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection prior to application of any chemical product.
  • Read and follow directions on the label.
  • Avoid application of synthetic pyrethroid sprays around areas where gel baits have been applied.
  • Monitor bait placements at regular intervals; replenish gel if previous application has been consumed and cockroaches remain a problem; increase number of spots if necessary.
  • Avoid applying to areas which are regularly washed.
  • To avoid resistance development rotate with other gel baits which use other active substances.
  • In order to reduce possibility of development of gel aversion, consider gel matrix rotation and use of other control methods (e.g. use of non-repellent dusts and sprays).
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