Active Constituent: 240 g/L Chlorfenapyr

Phantom® has been proven to be a highly effective undetectable, non-repellent insecticide that can be used inside a home to control cockroaches, ants and bed bugs. Phantom® is Australia's first Insecticide to gain HACCP endorsement.

Type: Insecticide
Pack Size: 1 Litre

The secret behind the success of Phantom® Insecticide lies in its cutting edge chemistry. The active ingredient, chlorfenapyr, is totally undetectable. Pests can't smell it, taste it, or, most importantly, avoid it. As a result, they unknowingly contact and ingest it as they go about their routine activities.

Phantom® also has virtually no odour making it perfect for indoor situations and has a long residual life on all internal surfaces. Treatments only require a small amount applied to problem areas to achieve control.

Phantom® is long-lasting, and effective at controlling entire ant, roach and bed bug populations at low doses.

Phantom® is also labelled for use in food-handling areas, this opens up a wealth of new business opportunities for Professional Pest Managers in any establishment where food is handled, served or stored. And since Phantom® can be used with baits, it can be used to make existing accounts far more effective. The only liquid insecticide to have HACCP approval.

Phantom® Fast Facts:

  • Undetectable, non-repellent technology
  • First Insecticide in Australia to gain HACCP Endorsement
  • Virtually-odourless, low visibility residue formulation
  • Low human hazard
  • Long residual
  • Targeted application
  • Works with existing pest control programs including baits such as Goliath® Cockroach Gel and Amdro® Cockroach Gel.
  • Different mode of action: effective on Pyrethroid resistant insects
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