Code: U40HD-M

The U 40 HD M is the largest motor driven ULV unit in the IGEBA product range. Its robust design ensures a reliable application even in difficult conditions. The unit is mounted on a solid frame with 4 shock absorbers and was specially designed to be mounted on a vehicle. 4 individually adjustable aerosol nozzles, allow a variation of the fogging direction.

·        Mounted on a solid frame with 4 shock absorbers
·        Specially designed to be mounted on a vehicle
·        Central flow meter, 6-60 l/h output ca. 40 l/h (water), max. 60 l/h, solution tank 75 l (V4A-stainless steel)
·        Remote control system to operate the unit from the inside of the driver cabin
·        4 individually adjustable aerosol nozzles 360°
·        Optional hose extension up to 10m available

L x W x H in cm 110 x 95 x 68
Weight (empty) in kg    196
Motor (4 cycles) PS/KW  18 / 13,2
Fuel tank capacity in l 20
Fuel consumption in l/h ca.     4,5
Battery 12 V DC, 36 Ah
Air compressor
Drive   2 Belt drive
Discharge rate (m3/min.)        6
Pressure (bar)  0,3
Air filter      Stern-Papierfilter
Solution system
Nominal volume of the HD-PE solution tank in l  75
Number of nozzles       4
Output in l/h   40
Max. output in l/h      60
Droplet sprectrum VMD, only water
10 l. per nozzle        < 15 Micrometer
Control fogging ON/OFF - Motor (Handstart)

Electrostart for motor, magnetic valve for fogging On/Off
Remote control  5 mtr. cable
0 kg