Code: ALTRI/2

Active Constituent: 200 g/L CHLORANTRANILIPROLE

The latest innovation in liquid termiticide chemistry

Experience the latest innovation in liquid termiticide chemistry. Effective and long lasting, with an excellent environmental profile, Altriset® is changing the face of termite control one home at a time.

Key Features

Non-repellent formulation stops feeding within hours of exposure because the termites' mouthparts become paralyzed shortly after contacting treated soil and damage ceases soon after
Since it is a delayed toxicant, the exposed termites that have stopped feeding can still walk, groom and aggregate in groups for an extended period of time -- this increases the chances of mutual grooming and body-to-body contact and such post-exposure behavior and interactions enhance Altriset® spread among colony members
Altriset® provides timely control that lasts -- laboratory observations showed that when non-exposed (recipients) termite workers of R. hesperus were put together with exposed termites (donors), 100% mortality of both exposed and unexposed groups was observed within 7 days.
Altriset® has low impact on non-target beneficial organisms, such as honey bees and earthworms, when used in accordance with the label.

Key Benefits

When used in accordance with the label, Altriset® controls termites in less than three months and provides long-lasting residual structural protection
Altriset® is the first liquid soil-applied termiticide to be registered as reduced-risk for use on termites by the U.S. EPA under its Reduced-Risk Pesticide Program.
Altriset® has an excellent environmental profile, with one of the lowest use-rates per finished gallon

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