Code: AQUATAIN/250

36 bottles per box
16 boxes per row
3 rows per pallet
1728 bottles per pallet

How does it work?

Aquatain AMF has a physical action rather than a chemical action - no toxic chemicals! The thin film on the water surface kills immature mosquito stages and disrupts the mosquito lifecycle.A very simple principle, but a highly effective product.The first new active constituent to be registered for mosquito control in Australia for many years.

Where can it be used?

Aquatain AMF is for use in standing water such as gutters, ponds, blocked drains, water tanks, pot plants, buckets, septic tanks and old tyres.

How effective is it?

Trials by Health Ministries and other authorities around the world have confirmed its effectiveness in killing mosquito larvae and pupae.

How is Aquatain AMF applied?

No spray equipment required! Simple squeeze a few drops onto the water surface (1ml per square meter of water surface).Repeat application in four (4) weeks.
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