Code: BG/16201002

The B&G Versafoamer 4000 is a complete foam application system that comes with everything you need to apply any type of foaming product with a professional look. The Versafoamer 4000 comes in a convenient carrying case with everything you need (except the insecticide and foaming agent) to make a foam application.

The kit includes a 3.8L stainless steel tank, 2.1m of hose, quiet running air compressor, and 20cm curved applicator tip.

You can use the system with the lid to the carrying case closed, or you can remove the tank and hose to apply in hard to reach areas that you do not want to carry the case into. The Versafoamer also comes with a sub-slab injection nozzle for concrete applications. Just add your favorite insecticide/termiticide and a few ounces of foaming agent and you are ready to go.

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