Product Description

The Moisture Encounter Plus is a versatile and accurate tool that can be utilised by many different industries including flooring installation, building inspection, surveying and pest control.

This unit uses three ranges of sensitivity and a deep penetration signal to provide moisture readings and evaluations without causing any damage to the material that is being tested.
The Moisture Encounter Plus provides highly accurate and quick results about all of its versatile options. The display screen is large and easy to read, but you can also freeze any reading if you are in a position that makes it difficult to access the display.

What does the MEP measure?



Non-destructive moisture measurements
Three sensitivity ranges: wood/timber, drywall/roofing and plaster/brick
Hold feature to freeze readings
Large display screen


Readings of five to 30 percent on wood scale
Readings of zero to 100 on all other scales
Signal penetration up to 30 mm

Power Requirements

Ships with the necessary battery

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