Code: SR-64

The Sundstrom SR 64 Protective Hood is designed to be used in conjunction with the Sundstrom SR 100 Respirator to offer complete protection from the neck up. The filter cartridge end of the mask pokes through the opening on the Protective Hood to offer a clean, protective seal.

Many growers simply wear a respirator and maybe a pair of gloves when they spray their rooms, but the mask only protects your lungs. You must remember that many of the pesticides we use are systemic and can easily enter the body through skin contact.

Not only does the Sundstrom Protective Hood cover you from the shoulders up, it also has a wide viewing area that eliminates the need for additional eye protection. Not only is the hood less expensive than a pair of safety goggles, it also eliminates any additional straps associated with goggles which can interfere the protective seal that is supposed to be created by both the mask and the goggles. And, the Protective Hood is significantly less prone to fogging up the way goggles do and is much more comfortable to wear.

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