Rekon Termite Treatment System:

The ReKon System provides a flexible solution for the monitoring, detection and treatment of termites. The ReKon system was developed in Australia for Australian conditions. Installed by your pest management professional, the ReKon system provides year round early detection of termite activity in the vicinity of your most important asset - your home and nearby structures.

Rekon Termite Stations and Boxes:

There are two components of the ReKon Termite Treatment System, a round Station to place around buildings where termites may be active and a Box to place where termites are more likely to be found. The larger Box enables more termites to be concentrated for treatment.

50mm no-go zone at the nick of the trap helps prevent ants from entering the system which therefore means less maintenance and leaves the traps more attractive to termites.The chamber under the secondary lid creates ideal conditions for termites to accumulate and have a safe environment to feed in. This promotes the best conditions for a successful treatment and subsequent colony elimination.

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