Trials in the USA (carried out in the '70s) indicate stations that are located on or above the ground are found much sooner than stations which are placed in the ground. Termite infestations in Australia have told us, there is no need to bury your house for termites to find it. It makes sense when you think about it - all timber that is damaged in service is above ground, because termite
scouts have come from the soil to find it. By installing stations containing timber on surfaces on ground, you can intercept them in places where they are foraging - on ground.

On-Ground Stations can be installed efficiently with minimal impact:
- No digging
- No concrete drilling
- Can be easily moved if required
- More effective at intercepting termite activity than other stations
- Timber decay almost nonexistent
- Larger pieces of timber to allow more termites to be aggregated
- 2 types of timber in each station, Tasmanian Oak and Radiata Pine
- On-Ground Stations are made from concrete grey, UV stable plastic to suit the harsh Australian environment, and to blend in with most surroundings

Dimensions of the On-Ground Station are length 21cm x width 11cm x height 9.5cm

As an option `Baiting in Progress' lid can be used to cover foil pouch; use tape or screws/tack to assist Baiting in Structures - Above Ground
21cm x width 11cm x height 9.5cm
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