Code: PRO/AUG12X460SDS

All brands' bits look the same, feel the same but they are not made the same. Projahn is a German company which produces high quality precision tools and Garrards are proud to distribute their range of tools throughout Australasia. The bits come in different types of shanks depending on the purpose of the bit - SDS Plus, SDS Max, Straight, or Hex shanks.

As a termite technician you most likely lug around a lot of tools, generally drill bits are sharp, awkward to store and can get heavy in large quantities, so you don't want to be stock piling these up. Projahn bits can reduce these issues as they have produced a longer lasting drill bit which means less time changing bits, producing cleaner, tidier holes, and ultimately longer bit life - meaning you buy less bits.When a job demands precision, speed and cleanliness there is only one drill bit to buy, Projahn.
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